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How much does AWOS cost?

AWOS is an automatic system for measuring meteorological parameters at airports. According to aviation law, every airport that has air traffic services is required to have such a system. Thanks to the meteorological data obtained by AWOS, the pilot has essential information about air temperature, wind direction and speed, cloud height, and possible precipitation.

Key weather information is distributed to pilots in the form of a meteorological message called METAR. Although there is a legal requirement for airports to be equipped with AWOS, many of them have difficulty choosing a supplier and the service itself. There are several solutions on the market that differ from each other.

These differences can be observed in the functionality of the system itself, the scope of measurements and above all, the price.

How much does AWOS cost ? Software based on Cloud

The cost of the AWOS system can vary. How much we pay for AWOS depends on many factors. First of all, it is necessary to know whether the system will be registered in the Civil Aviation Authority in the registry of navigation devices. The registration procedure and subsequent maintenance of the system are additional costs for airports.

Many airports equipped with AWOS still use local servers, which also contributes to the increase in price. Today, the cloud is the standard, which, in addition to its efficiency and flexibility, guarantees data storage security, speed, and reliability. All we need is internet access to use the cloud. Nothing more. Moreover, many companies offer their customers a wired connection instead of wireless, which is now an outdated and much more expensive solution.

Following this line, let us note that the cloud does not require specific workstations, which also affect the service’s price. IT companies usually charge additional fees for supporting each of the servers on which AWOS is installed, which generates additional costs. In the case of a cloud solution, this problem disappears, and we can invest our resources in new solutions at the airport.

The cost of AWOS depends on the system’s elements

The number of sensors affects the price. These are mainly:

The AWOS price and system updates and expert support

If we are thinking about modernizing our service, pay attention to the solutions proposed by the manufacturers. The scope of support is essential because, in addition to how the manufacturer will support the service (remotely or on-site), the number of hours the manufacturer will allocate for support is also essential, as well as where he is, especially when it comes to on-site support. The longer the journey the manufacturer has to make, the more expensive the service will be.

In addition to the manufacturer’s support scope, the price also depends on calibration, standardization, and software updates. Calibrations, temperature, and barometer sensor standardizations are an annual mandatory task that is commissioned to specialized laboratories. When it comes to software updates, we can save money by choosing AWOS manufacturers who perform updates as part of their services, without additional costs.

Why choose Airotec AWOS? Reasonable price and professionalism

Airotec AWOS has been tailored to the customer’s needs, making it available in two versions – Basic and Standard, and their choice is mainly determined by the customer’s needs and expectations. The Basic version includes standard parameters, while the Standard version includes additional measurements and functionalities. Airotec AWOS has a reasonable price, and at the same time, it is a professional and reliable solution.

Additionally, Airotec AWOS is available at a more favorable price because it is offered in a SaaS model, which means it is hosted in the cloud. As a result, the client does not have to pay for their own server infrastructure or maintain systems.


written by Maciej Wojciechowski (owner Airotec)


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