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How much does a drone flight inspection cost (DEFI)?

Airotec Drone Flight Inspection (DeFI) is a new solution on the Polish market. Typically, aerial inspections, flight checks or lighting systems validations were done by specialized aircrafts. In this article, we will take a closer look at a different solution. Cheaper, more reliable and more convenient for airports, in the same time outcoming with innovation. Colloquially called a drone flight inspection.


How much should a drone flight inspection of airport lighting systems cost? Of course, it depends.

The cost of a drone based lights inspection services depends on many and basically diferent factors than typical one. We could list such as:


There is a belief that more, further or longer then it means more expensive. Doesn’t have to be that way. „More” could mean a longer distance to cover in the air. „Further” may refer to a greater distance between the service provider and the airport. „Longer” could mean more missions to be performed, i.e., how many scenarios are planned to be executed.

Some flight inspection service providers tends to include costs suchs as travel costs between the headquarter to the inspection site. Others, the number of taxiways subject to the inspection or even a drone flight duration. Might also be that the more personnel involved in the inspection process may also be a hidden additional cost. Besides all of that, the day of the week on which the inspection is carried out is also important.

In the case of drone inspection flights carried out on Saturdays or Sundays, we can expect a higher price. Similarly, the situation looks when there’s a short deadline to provide the final report. In such situations, service providers often raise the price dramatically.

The last and in our opinion at Airotec, a one of the most important factors is the form of cooperation between the service provider and the airport. More close cooperation should be more beneficial for the customer. The unit price for a single inspection may be higher than when a contract includes several of them already agreed to be performed in the future.

Is there any unpredictable cost for a drone flight inspection of airport lights? Hidden and additional factors

A drone based lights inspection depends also on a unpredictable external factors primarily a weather conditions or airspace availability. Extending the inspection period by 1-2 days due to external factors may be associated with additional costs, which should also be taken into account when valuating price. Before entering into any cooperation, it is worth signing an agreement and specifying the price in detail, in order not to expose oneself to additional and hidden costs.

How do we price projects at Airotec? AWOS, DeFI and more

As we know there are many variables that can shape the DeFI market price. Airotec as a drone based inspection service provider we need know the potential factors and we need to communicate them to our customers. Knowing what affects the services is not more important than being aware that each customer or even an other service provider has its own internal problems, budgets and priorities. The goal is always to provide the service but not at all costs. The result and the outcome shall be beneficial for both sides. Are you interested in such service? Contact us.

Drone Flight Inspection is the best solution in the field of aerial lighting system inspections. We always try to advise our clients to let them achieve the best effect and to receive valid and reliable data. It’s all about being professional with drone flight services. We encourage you to contact us or check our product page  Airotec DeFI product page


written by Adam Rytter (owner Airotec)


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