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DEFI  |   30.06.23

Drone at theairport: 6 things you need to consider before flying

Are you aware of the crucial safety factors to consider when operating drones near airports? Explore the essential guidelines and regulations for UAV operations in airport Control Zone (CTR). Ensure compliance and prioritize safety for responsible drone flying. Why is it important to comply with local regulations for drone operations near airports? Understand the significance […]

DEFI  |   07.03.23

How much does a drone flight inspection cost (DEFI)?

Airotec Drone Flight Inspection (DeFI) is a new solution on the Polish market. Typically, aerial inspections, flight checks or lighting systems validations were done by specialized aircrafts. In this article, we will take a closer look at a different solution. Cheaper, more reliable and more convenient for airports, in the same time outcoming with innovation. […]

AWOS  |   07.03.23

How much does AWOS cost?

AWOS is an automatic system for measuring meteorological parameters at airports. According to aviation law, every airport that has air traffic services is required to have such a system. Thanks to the meteorological data obtained by AWOS, the pilot has essential information about air temperature, wind direction and speed, cloud height, and possible precipitation. Key […]

AWOS  |   07.03.23

5 AWOS problems and their solutions

  The Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS) is a meteorological system used in airports. AWOS collects data from meteorological sensors, processes it, and provides it in real-time, supporting and automating the process of creating meteorological reports and forecasts. AWOS is a fundamental tool for meteorologists working in commercial airports and increasingly, an automated source of […]

DEFI  |   07.03.23


Drone inspections and DEFI inspections have become very popular in recent years. From measurements and photos to surveillance for government institutions and private companies – the applications of drones seem endless. However, there may be certain problems with DEFI inspections that need to be taken into account. Issues such as limited airspace, privacy concerns, and […]

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