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Weather conditions play a crucial role in aviation operations and often determine the dynamically introduced safety measures and procedures at airports.
Thanks to Airotec AWOS (Automated Weather Observation System) airports of any size can use a tool fully compliant with ICAO/WMO
to obtain accurate and reliable weather data.


Our system

Airotec AWOS has two versions: Basic and Standard, and the choice mainly depends on the operational conditions of the airport/landing site. The system has been designed based on scalability principles, which means that it not only adapts to individual and current needs but also provides the possibility of expansion with the airport’s investment development.


Weather observation system dedicated to
small airports and airfields.


Weather observation system dedicated to meteorological protection services provided
at airports in remote or traditional mode

What are we first in?

What sets Airotec AWOS apart from other similar solutions on the market is the ability to subscribe to it in the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which means accessing the software as a cloud service.
This means that our clients do not invest their resources in physical server infrastructure.
Join the future of aviation with Airotec AWOS.

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